24/7 online on holiday

If you are looking for a 4G camper WiFi or caravan WiFi solution, TwingaNet offers an internet connection during your holiday. With the TwingaNet router you have your own WiFi available for the whole family on holiday..

This way you stay informed of the news, use your email and social media. Don't forget the children, without a mobile data subscription they can still use the internet via the TwingaNet WiFi router. Internet and WiFi have almost become a necessity in our daily lives, even on vacation.

TwingaNet provides a secure* and reliable internet WiFi hotspot that is perfect for providing WiFi for motorhomes or caravans.The availability of caravan internet and motorhome internet is a great holiday start to keep everyone happy!

How does it works?

The TwingaNet Router has very good mobile reception antennas and a super strong secure WiFi signal.
Internet is made available in two ways:
- 3G or 4G mobile data to create a reliable WiFi hotspot.
- If a direct WiFi source is available, the TwingaNet router can be used to connect to this WiFi source, the TwingaNet router amplifies the WiFi signal from the available source.
With these capabilities, the TwingaNet router ensures that mobile data is only used when it is needed.
Download the free router app to easily switch between WiFi source and 4G mobile data.


For who is it?

Do you want:
- Caravan WiFi?
- Camper WiFi?
- Truck WiFi?
- Boot WiFi?
- Holiday home WiFi?
- WiFi for secure* access internet banking?
Don't want to pay for the use of WiFi in hotel, holiday home, campsite?
Don't want to pay for a larger number of WiFi users in a holiday home, holiday park or campsite?
Do you want to give your family access to the internet and control mobile data costs?

DIY installation?

The system is easy to install, a 220 VAC or 12 VDC power connection and a Data SIM card is all you need.
To make it even easier, you can order our prepaid data SIM card, then we will install the SIM card, so the router is immediately ready for use.
And if you can't figure it out? When purchasing the TwingaNet router you will receive 12 months of support and we can support you remotely.


The router is supplied as a table model.
Do you want to mount it to a wall? Order the DIN Clip with DIN rail.
Prefere a fixed antenna? Order the External antenna for this.

Technical info you have to know!

- The TwingaNet router turns 3G or 4G mobile into a WiFi hotspot.
- The TwingaNet router can also connect to other WiFi sources so you only use your 3G or 4G when needed.
- Antennas for receiving mobile data and for broadcasting WiFi signal are mounted on the TwingaNet router.
- Up to 100 devices can simultaneously connect to the WiFi signal of the TwingaNet router.
- The router has 4 Ethernet ports that allow a wired connection to multiple devices.

Does it work in Europe?

Yes, throughout Europe, where you have coverage of 3G or 4G mobile data network, the system works.

The optional TwingaNet prepaid EU Data SIM card works in 30 European countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta , Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland.

Content of the TwingaNet WiFi router package?

Box I
- Mifi router 4G
- 220 VAC adapter and cable (europe wall-plug)
- LTE and WiFi within Antennas
- 12 V DC cable with cigarette lighter plug
- 12 months remote assistance support
Box II
- Box I
- + External Antenna with cable
- Box I
- + Europe Data SIM card 20 GB pre-installed
Box IV
- Box I
- + Europe Data SIM card 60 GB pre-installed

When do I need a Europe Data SIM card?

- I don't have a separate SIM card for mobile data
- I do not want a fixed subscription with a duration of 12 months for a SIM card, because I only want to use mobile internet on holiday.
- I am going on holiday in a country where roaming charges are charged (Switzerland).
- I am going on holiday in an EU country for more than 4 months, in which case a telecom provider may charge roaming costs.
- I'm going on holiday outside the UK, stay in Europe but don't want to have unexpected internet costs.
- I have a separate SIM card for mobile data, but topping up is more expensive than the TwingaNet Europe Data SIM card.

Does the router work without Data SIM card?

Yes, but then you can only use amplifying an available WiFi source. Please note, your data may still not be safe if the WiFi source is insecure.

* What is secure internet access?

The TwingaNet router uses WPA2 encryption, which guarantees the security between your device and the router. If the TwingaNet router uses 4G internet, this security is guaranteed.
Does the TwingaNet router use an external WiFi source? Then this source determines your safety (chain is only as strong as its weakest link!). For safety, assume that any public WiFi source is UNSAFE.
Use a VPN connection on an insecure network if you want to be sure that your login details cannot be intercepted! Do not use a public WiFi network if you need to use personal data or login details (internet banking).

Why buy a Prepaid EU Data SIM card

  • MiFi 4G router with EU DATA SIM card, ready for use

  • No problems with slow campsite WiFi

  • Buy the router and SIM, we will carry out installation

  • No contract with Telecom provider

  • No hidden costs

  • No roaming charges

  • Internet in 30 EU countries

  • Cost control

  • 12 months valid prepaid credit

  • 12 months Service desk

Why do I need MiFi on holiday?

  • Secure* Mifi = WPA2 encryption

  • 24/7 Secure* WiFi access for internet banking

  • All family members 24/7 online

  • With 12V connection for use in car, camper, caravan, boat

  • WiFi for the children during holiday car trip

  • No need for a Data SIM card for each device

  • 24/7 online with phone, TV, camera, tablet, laptop, pc, printer etc.

  • Cost control

  • Up to 100 devices simultaneously online

  • 12 months Service desk - Remotely managed router


  • MiFi 4G Router
  • 12V DC plug, 220 VAC Europe plug
  • NO SIM card

  • MiFi 4G Router
  • 12V DC plug, 220 VAC Europe plug
  • External LTE and WiFi Antenna
  • NO SIM card
  • MiFi 4G Router
  • 12V DC plug, 220 VAC Europe plug
  • 20 GB
    Prepaid Europa Data SIM card

  • MiFi 4G Router
  • 12V DC plug, 220 VAC Europe plug
  • 60 GB
    Prepaid Europa Data SIM card


  • 30 GB Europa DATA credit
  • - Coverage in 30 European countries
    - Prepaid
    - SIM only
    - NO contract
    - 12 months valid
Europe DATA
3910 GB credit
  • 10 GB Europe DATA credit
  • - Coverage in 30 European countries
    - Prepaid
    - NO SIM
    - NO contract
    - 12 months valid
Europe DATA
6920 GB credit
  • 20 GB Europe DATA credit
  • - Coverage in 30 European countries
    - Prepaid
    - NO SIM
    - NO contract
    - 12 months valid
Europe DATA
9930 GB credit
  • 30 GB Europe DATA credit
  • - Coverage in 30 European countries
    - Prepaid
    - NO SIM
    - NO contract
    - 12 months valid


MiFi 4G router
With this mobile WiFi (MiFi) 4G Router you can connect your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, PC or printer to WiFi so you can use the internet.
Install SIM card, plug in, configure and you have a secure* WiFi signal.
Suitable to be online with all family members.
Supplied with a 220 VAC plug for connection to the wall socket and a 12V cigarette lighter plug for connection to a car, boat, camper or caravan.
Your own WiFi everywhere, not only at the campsite, in the marina, but also on the road in the car or camper!

All passengers can use the internet without any problems during the car journey in Europe.
The TwingaNet MiFi 4G router ensures that you can make 3G or 4G connections throughout Europe. With the optional Europe Data SIM card you can make a secure* connection to a Telecom 4G network in 30 countries.

  • TwingaNet MiFi 4G Router
  • Including Antennas
  • Inclusief 220V and 12V connection
  • Optinal: EU DATA SIM card with 20 or 60 GB
  • MiFi Router speed maximaal 150 Mbps
Secure* Internet access on holiday
With the family on the road and poor WiFi at the campsite? Or internet banking on public insecure WiFi? Or unexpected extra costs because you are out of your bundle? Or unexpected roaming charges in non-EU countries such as the United Kingdom or Switzerland?

There is a very good chance that you will then be dealing with an unsecured or poorly secured WiFi network. NEVER use this network to enter data (passwords, etc.) to access banking app, email, etc. These networks are easy for hackers to access to view your personal data.
The TwingaNet Mifi 4G Router creates a secure* network with WPA2, a highly advanced encryption technique. By connecting to the WiFi signal of the TwingaNet Router you can use the internet safely*.
  • TwingaNet Mifi 4G Router
  • 4G LTE network in 30 European countries
  • Secure* access guaranteed with WPA2 encryption
Top Up SIM card
Your TwingaNet MiFi 4G router can be preset by us and equipped with a DATA SIM card.
You have at least 20 or 60 Gb of DATA credit on this DATA SIM card.
The EU DATA SIM card does not work in other devices, DO NOT remove the DATA SIM card from the Router. The settings will be lost!
You can upgrade the DATA SIM card with 10, 20 or 30 Gb.
Top Up your SIM card HERE.
  • Prepaid DATA SIM card
  • Top Up with 10, 20 or 30 Gb
  • No contract with Telecom provider
  • No hidden costs
  • No Roaming charges
  • Internet in 30 European countries
  • No unexpected costs


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our News

We now supply the DATA SIM card from Truphone as standard. Guarantee for the best network on the road in Europe.
Truphone is the first business international telecom provider with its own global network.
This network enables Truphone to deliver local sound and data quality to our customers in 66 countries.
Networks of traditional mobile carriers have emerged with individual countries as the starting point.
Once users cross a country border, the distance to that network (or "POP": "Point Of Presence") literally increases, often degrading call quality and increasing costs.
Truphone is different. They offer a worldwide network in more than 200 countries, thanks to 6 POPs in 4 continents.
Together, these POPs provide one worldwide super-fast network. Calls, e-mail and data traffic are always routed through the POP that is geographically closest to the customer, so you can take advantage of low costs.
This smart "routing" also enables fast data traffic and better call quality.
Source: Newsroom Truphone
We are proud of the collaboration with TwingaTrack and Teltonika Networks. We now have the best 4G Mobile Routers with the highest level of security and full support from Teltonika.


I am not connected to the internet

I am not connected to the internet
  • Check whether you are actually logged in, with your device, to the WiFi network of the TwingaNet router.
  • If a family member is logged in to the WiFi network and connected to the internet, then the problem is with your device you are using a WiFi network with. want to connect.
  • Is the router turned on? You can verify this by checking that the green LEDs on the router are lit. These LEDs indicate that the device has power and is connected to a Telecom network.
  • If the router LEDs are lit, but you are not connected to the internet, then the DATA credit on your SIM card may have been used up? Chat with us or send an email to top up your card!

How can I estimate my data usage?

How can I estimate my data usage?

Every app you use consumes data. Apps with simple functionalities, such as email, consume relatively little data (GBs). Streaming apps (eg music/radio/video) use a lot of data (GBs)

Per person you use an average of 2-3 GB of data per week.
A family of 4 persons who actively use the internet with a telephone/tablet, therefore, uses approximately 10 GB of data per week.
  • General Internet use, browsing and social media: 5 MB (0,005 GB) per hour
  • Emails create, read: 0,5 MB (0,0005 GB) per email incl. attachments
  • Fotos or documents download/upload: 1 MB (0,001 GB) per foto or document
  • Musik download or upload: 5 MB (0,005 GB) per song of 4-5 minutes
  • Video download of upload: 2 GB per movie
  • Online HD radio/musik listening: 150 MB (0,15 GB) per hour
  • Online gaming: 15 MB (0,015 GB) per hour
  • Spotify listening: 50 MB (0,05 GB) per hour
  • Netflix watching: 2 GB per hour
  • Youtube: 5 MB (0,005 GB)per minute
  • Whatsapp messages read/write: 0,5 MB (0,0005 GB) per day
  • Whatsapp video call: 5 MB (0,005 GB) per minute
  • Facetime video call: 3 MB (0,003 GB) per minute

How can I top up the DATA SIM card?

How can I top up the DATA SIM card?
You have purchased a Prepaid Europe DATA SIM card from us.
Depending on your choice, you have at least 20 Gb or 60 Gb Europe DATA credit on the SIM card.
The DATA SIM card does not work in other devices.
DO NOT remove the DATA SIM card from the MiFi 4G Router. The settings will be lost!
You can top up the DATA SIM card with 10, 20 or 30 Gb, HERE you can top up.


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